A platform for browser-based solutions

Stato is a reliable platform product which enables meeting demanding integration needs and using various publication channels. The server portion of the software can be installed on all major operating systems and cloud services.

With the aid of the Stato platform, Abako is able to deliver a data-secure, fast and easy-to-use browser-based solution which is fully integrated into the client’s processes. Stato has been developed as a multi-portal system for the management of several web-operated applications with the same system. With the aid of Stato, the organization standardizes the data distribution and integration principles and connects various data sources to the selected channels. The operating models of Stato increase the efficiency of organizations and reduce the risks related to the responsibilities of the few selected professionals.

The Stato software has been developed for the production of demanding long-life applications which are adapted to the needs of the client. New technologies are regularly implemented in the software, in which the latest features of browsers are also utilized. The Stato software enables varied and cost-effective options for further development. Since the systems implemented with Stato are modular, the system can be expanded as new needs arise.