User-Observant Data Systems

We here at Abako are multi-talented professionals of browser-operated systems who have the time and expertise for our clients. Our services include design, specification, programming, testing and implementing work, support for production use, and development and life-cycle design.

With over 20 years of experience, we develop various online services and data systems with foreseeable acquisition and life cycle costs for our clients – and we always stay on schedule.

Here at Abako, we listen to our clients. We analyze all that we hear and provide our clients with the data systems and online services they need. At first we model the plan into a prototype and then into a ready-to-use system. We offer 24-hour automatic control and technical support for all the systems we execute.

Due to the sound life cycle planning, our systems serve our clients from one decade to the next.

Digitalization Solutions

Browser-operated data systems, digitalized work processes, transaction channels, online stores and extranet service channels.

Our digitalization solutions comprehensively serve the entire corporate field as well as public administration organizations. Our strength is recognizing those of our clients’ business processes which ought to be digitalized and developing them to serve the organization even more effectively – always with life-cycle thinking as a priority. We are a reliable and skillful partner in projects varying from the electrification of a single process to demanding digitalization projects.

Intranet Solutions

Management, communication and working environments

When it comes to intranet solutions, our strength is serving organizations with

  • 300+ employees (the Finnish Patent and Registration Office, approx. 350 persons)
  • 2000+ employees (Veikkaus, approx. 3,000 persons)
  • 10,000+ employees (the Finnish Judicial Administration, approx. 12,000 persons)

The intranet solutions we develop serve group companies and organizations operating in several locations or many fields particularly well. Mobile use and targeted content enable reaching the entire staff.

For organizations, intranet systems are a virtual operating environment which serves as both a management and communication tool and centralized data bank and route to the software.

We here at Abako have developed a solution called IdeaIntra. IdeaIntra is based on the best practices and functions created with years of experience. Every intranet we design is a unique digital operating environment which makes the client’s everyday life easier and develops along with the work community.

Internet Services and Portals

Public online services, website clusters (portals), and multi-channel publication system solutions.

When it comes to public Internet services, our strength is serving organisations which have either a vast website entity, special requirements for data security, large numbers of visitors, or widely decentralized content production. Group clients and large city clients are our long-term customers.

In addition to the actual core content, high data security, service response, usability, findability and logicality are emphasized in public online services. Our clients are experts when it comes to their own content production and service – we offer all the rest for a high-quality online service. A functional high-quality online service supports the organization’s brand and relationship with their customers.

As an Operational Service with 24/7 Customer Support

We offer all the systems we create as an operational service or, if necessary, as a licensed solution. Our solutions that are carried out as an operational service can be placed in the desired cloud service, environment appointed by the client, or a service hub managed by Abako.

The solutions we develop have a high service response: 99.8–100%, on average. Our services include 24-hour automatic monitoring and personal technical support.

Professionals of the Browser-Operated World at Your Service

Ask us more about our services! Contact Jani, Johanna or Jari.

Jani works as a leading product expert at Abako. He gives you comprehensive answers concerning our services and solution suggestions tailored to your organization.

Phone: 010 229 3805
E-mail: jani.honka [at]

Johanna works as the CEO at Abako. As a service designer, she also designs various data systems and online services. Johanna gives you answers concerning collaboration with Abako and solution suggestions for more demanding data system projects.

Phone: 010 229 3801
E-mail: johanna.laine [at]

Jari works as the product development and technology manager at Abako. Jari gives you information and answers concerning Stato, the service hub and more demanding data system requirements.

Phone: 010 229 3807
E-mail: jari.pohjosmaki [at]