A smart online service predicts, suggests and reports.

In 2013, the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority introduced the new viestintavirasto.fi online service, which was realized in collaboration with Abako. During the revamping, the previously separate online services directed at consumers and professionals, which had been operating on the Stato platform, were merged into one entity. At the same time, several new functionalities were introduced. What the functionalities had in common was that they were about making the service more user oriented and the information easier to find.

The online service of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority utilizes keywords, on the basis of which the smart service actively reacts to the actions of the user and automatically offers them other subject-related content.

– Introducing the use of keywords was a big change for us, and we are continuing to develop the functionality with Abako. We are also developing the online service’s search function and the related predictive search, which suggests search results in the browser after typing a few letters in the search field, says Sari Salmela, Web Editor-in-Chief at the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.

In 2013, almost 250,000 customer contacts were processed by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. In addition to various e-services and search, notification and form functions, direct contacts by phone were also still frequent. The agency strives to reduce the number of such phone contacts with the aid of an online service where the customers can easily find what they are looking for.

– Stato provides us with follow-up data on, for example, what information is searched for and what kind of search words are used. As authorities, we are prone to using “agency language,” which may not necessarily meet the needs of our customers in the best possible way. Our system helps us to develop the services further.

Mobile Functionality is a Given

The online service of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority is responsive, and thus automatically adjusts itself to mobile devices. According to Salmela, in a modern service, good mobile functionality is a given.

The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority pays special attention to the illustration and visualization of information.

– I am very happy with the tool for statistical graphics integrated into our publication platform which we have implemented. Abako is keen to actively meet our needs, and it has never felt like some of our requests were impossible to realize. We have always found functional solutions that are in accordance even with our extremely strict data security requirements.

The electronic transaction services of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority have been integrated into the publication system, so that it appears to the user that they are part of the same Viestintävirasto.fi service. There is much integration work to be done, since, according to the strategic plan of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority, all of the websites in the agency’s industry are to be merged into the main site over the next few years. Such services operating on the Stato platform are: cert.fi, kyberturvallisuuskeskus.fi, domain.fi and tietoturvaopas.fi.

– User-orientation is the keyword here, too, as we want all our services to be collected in the same place where they can be easily found. Also the maintenance of the systems and their management in three languages becomes easier when we operate via one main site and with the same publication system version.

The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority controls and monitors electronic communication and mailing activities in Finland. It is the highest data security authority in Finland. Abako has acted as the agency’s partner in the provision of online services since 2003.