Digitalization Projects

Digitalized work processes, transaction channels, online stores, extranet service channels, etc.

Our digitalization solutions serve the entire corporate field as well as public administration organizations. Our strength is recognizing those of our clients’ business processes which ought to be digitalized and developing them to serve the organization even more effectively. We are a reliable and skillful partner for projects varying from the electrification of a single process to demanding digitalization undertakings – always with life-cycle thinking as a priority.

Intranet Systems

Management, communication and working environments

When it comes to intranet solutions, our strength is serving organizations with

  • 300+ employees (the Finnish Patent and Registration Office, approx. 350 persons)
  • 2000+ employees (Veikkaus, approx. 3,000 persons)
  • 10,000+ employees (the Finnish Judicial Administration, approx. 12,000 persons)

The intranet solutions we implement, serve group companies and organizations operating either in several locations or the field particularly well. Mobile use and targeted content enable reaching the entire staff.

Online Internet Services

Public online services, website clusters (portals), and multi-channel publication system solutions.

For the part of public Internet services, we help organizations which have either a vast website entity, special requirements for data security, large numbers of visitors, or a widely decentralized content production. Group clients and large city clients are our long-term customers.

Client Story: Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority

In 2016, the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority implemented the revamped Viestintä website, which comprises a broad set of services. Abako has been maintaining the Viestintä website on the Stato platform since 2003.

A Client Story: Finnish Judicial Administration

The judicial administration group intranet has expanded into a 12,000-person working environment and communication super tool.