Skillful Service

At Abako, you are served by online service and data system professionals who have, in addition to sales experience, years of experience in supplying demanding client-specific systems.

We would be happy to come to you and present our products and browser-operated solutions and to talk about what kind of online services you wish to offer your target group – now and in the years to come.

Jani Honka
Leading product expert, sales
Telephone +358 10 229 3805


Abako develops data systems in which large numbers of visitors, reliable data security and high accessibility meet.

It is our philosophy that usability should guide technology. For the user, this means more intelligent online services and data systems which make everyday life easier and work more productive.

The view is clearer from a distance: it is easier for us to recognize the factors which provide additional value to the client’s operations. We combine the best practices with diverse and long-lasting technologies.

Our partnership is based on mutual interaction and understanding the client’s operations. Our service encompasses the entire project from specification to the implementation of the complete software and support services. We always implement our solutions via a prototype, a practice which has earned special praise from our clients. With the prototype model, the vision and business objectives set for the project can be tested before commencing the actual software development. Using a prototype model serves the execution of both small and large digitalization projects.

Abako Employees

The Abako employees are experts in the fields of information technology and technical and service design. Most of us have served our clients and been part of our work community for close to twenty years.

Product Development

Product development is a strong part of the identity of the Abako employees. It is our goal to meet the modern efficiency requirements by exploring, modeling and developing even more functional systems. Our service is competent and efficient. With controlled life-cycle thinking, even the most demanding solutions remain operational for a long time. Strong data security and flawless service response are some of our central values, which we also offer to our clients.

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Our digitalization solutions serve both private and public administration organizations which have either a vast website entity, special requirements for data security, or large numbers of visitors or administrators. When it comes to intranet solutions, our strong suit is organizations employing from a few hundred to over 10,000 persons. Of our clients, for instance the Finnish Patent and Registration Office has approximately 350, Veikkaus 3,000 and the Finnish Judicial Administration 12,000 employees.

Abako was founded in 1995 by Johanna Laine, Jari Pohjosmäki and Visa-Matti Leinikki with the production of data systems with high usability as their goal. The same vision and uncompromising work ethic guide the Abako employees to this day.

As an employer, Abako offers its employees challenging and varying work tasks and modern employee benefits. Matters are decided without any bureaucracy, since Abako is owned by the people who work full time in the company.