About Abako

Abako develops data systems in which large numbers of visitors, reliable data security and high accessibility meet.

It is our philosophy that usability should guide technology. For the user, this means more intelligent online services and data systems which make everyday life easier and work more productive.

The view is clearer from a distance: it is easier for us to recognize the factors which provide additional value to the client’s operations. We combine the best practices with diverse and long-lasting technologies.

User-Observant Data Systems

With over 20 years of experience, we develop various online services and data systems with foreseeable acquisition and life cycle costs for our clients – and we always stay on schedule. The services we offer vary from small solutions to extremely demanding process systems. Our strongest area of expertise is designing and implementing digitalization solutions, such as online stores and transaction channels, which boost the business operations of our clients. We also implement intranet systems for organizations of over 300 employees, as well as various communication and transaction online services and portal solutions. The central features of our solutions include mobile use, management support, communications and various working environments.

Professional Design and 24/7 Support

Here at Abako, we listen to our clients. We analyze all that we hear and provide our clients with the data systems and online services they need. At first we model the plan into a prototype and then into a ready-to-use system. We offer 24-hour automatic control and technical support for all the systems we execute. Due to the sound life cycle planning, our systems serve our clients from one decade to the next.

over 20 years of customer service

24/7 support

99,9 % availability on production systems

Stato Σ starting from 2018